This cleanup adventure requires volunteers to be in excellent physical condition since it's a strenuous hike down and back up after a few hours of collecting (sometimes large and heavy) marine debris.  :)

January 23 * February 27 * March 27 *  April 24 *  May 22 * June 26 * July 24 *

August 28 *  September 25 *  October 23 *  November 27 *  December 18 (3rd Sunday) 

Our 1st cleanup was on April 26th, 2019 and our goal was to pick up all of the debris so when we returned for our next cleanup in the fall we would quantify what accumulated within that timeframe.  After our two sorting/counting parties, our totals were 36,854 pieces of marine debris weighing 6,590 lbs!  Our 2nd cleanup was on October 4th, 2019 and we successfully cleaned the coast again.  Our totals were significantly less (2,692 items weighing 195 lbs), which is good news that more marine debris didn't accumulate.  We're continuing to look at seasonal fluctuations:

Our 3rd cleanup was on May 29, 2020 and we removed 15,394 items (1,310 lbs).

​Our 4th cleanup was on September 26, 2020 and we removed 6,378 items (353 lbs).

Our 5th cleanup was on April 20, 2021 and we removed 10,216 items (1,348 lbs).

Our 6th cleanup was on September 19, 2021 and we removed 2,251 items (181 lbs).

Our 7th cleanup was on May 13, 2022 and we removed 2,929 items (481 lbs).

Our 8th cleanup was on October 26, 2022, so data will be added here soon.

Makamaka'ole Cleanup
Silverback HI
Jack Johnson at the International Marine Debris Conference
Washing Ashore


Mahalo nui loa to musicians like Jack Johnson, who promote ocean friendly actions & sustainable events!

Join our reef cleanups!  

Were always cleaning the coral reefs during our Maui Turtle Transects.  Our locations vary due to turtle emergencies and ocean conditions, so please contact us to join our Turtle Team.  

​Here's the link to our online Maui Ocean Cleanup data entry form, if you're doing your own cleanup: CLICK HERE.  Mahalo for contributing to our study!

The Hawai'i Environmental Cleanup Coalition

Not on Maui and want to get involved?  Meet our collaborators and new statewide HECC endeavor!  Check out the calendar to see how many cleanups there are almost every day around Hawai'i.  It takes everyone to keep Hawai'i clean, so mahalo nui loa for your help!

CDF Engineeriing

​Makamaka'ole is located on the northeast facing shore of Maui, ~4 miles to the north of Ka'ehu, so similarly catches tons of marine debris.  Due to its non-public access and the difficulty of accessing the coast, a large cleanup hadn't been done. We wrote a grant proposal through Hawai'i Association for Marine Education and Research (HAMER) to the Maui County Office of Economic Development for the costs of flying the debris out of this area, and we got funded!  Mahalo to our partners: Malama Maui Nui, Maui Huliau Foundation, CDF Engineering, Swell Consulting, P.O.O. Please, & Pacific Helicopters! 

808 Cleanups has a calendar for cleanups happening around the state.  

If you can't join us...  Please get involved somewhere!

reef cleanup pic ~C~King
Maui Huliau Green Events

Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has joined our cleanup activities!

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Ka'ehu Beach Cleanup Flyer
Ka'ehu Cleanup Crew

*Due to COVID-19 precautions, please RSVP in advance so we can share our safety protocols!




Please contact the Maui Huliau Foundation for help holding your next green event!

Ace Hardware
SHARKastics Ka'ehu Beach Cleanup Flyer
County of Maui EP&S

2019-2022  Makamaka'ole  Cleanup  Information 

Our volunteer-powered cleanups have recently been sponsored by CDF Engineering, The County of Maui Environmental Protection & Sustainability Division, The Patricia L. Kimball Endowment Fund of the Shasta Regional CommunityFoundation, Oshan Essentials, Silverback Hawai'i, & Ace Hardware 

Mahalo nui loa!

SHARKastics has been spearheading cleanups at Ka'ehu on the 4th Sunday of every month since July, 2012.  This bay and coastline are important for many species!  More and more debris is always washing ashore, so we need your help.  So far, we've removed over 27 tons of marine debris.  It's heaps of fun!​

*Meet us at Kukona Place (9am to ~noon).  Mahalo!


Check out what the Maui Huliau Foundation's environmental film students created about this project!