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Cheryl snorkeling with white tip reef shark by Mark Sullivan

MAHALO NUI LOA to the thousands of volunteers who have supported this project over the years!  The ocean animals greatly appreciate it!

Ka'ehu Cleanups!

Tara branham’s heart work of conservation, education and action takes many forms on Maui and in Portland, Oregon. While in Portland, she works as a middle school teacher with a focus on  place-based education and environmental justice, aiming to dream about and build a better world.

Since 2012, she has spent much of her years on Maui, teaming up with Cheryl and the Turtle Team on many projects around the islands with the focus on  sea turtles, reef cleanups, and marine debris.

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Jake & Cheryl Hawaii Conservation Conference

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Cheryl King cleaning Kanapou, Kaho'olawe

Meet us at Ka'ehu (Kukona Place) in Waiehu (Maui, HI) on the 4th Sunday of every month from 9am to noon!

Cheryl King graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology/psychology (focusing on marine mammal behavior) from Southampton College of Long Island University (NY) and has a Master’s of Science in marine biology from Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center (FL).  She has lived on Maui since the year 2000 and continues to explore from there.  

Although Cheryl is interested in everything ocean-related, she specializes in Hawaiian endangered species research, rescue and management and has a deep passion for ocean conservation, especially the impacts of marine debris.  Cheryl has been professionally cleaning coastlines with many organizations since 2003 and officially started this SHARKastics project in 2010.  She's a shark enthusiast, although not a shark specialist or a website designer, but still wants to spread the word about this issue.  Please use this site's images for educational purposes, but contact Cheryl first so she can track where they're goin'...  Mahalo!

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