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Ka'ehu Beach Cleanup Flyer

SHARKastics has been spearheading cleanups at Ka'ehu on the 4th Sunday of every month since July, 2012.  This bay and coastline are important for many species! More and more debris is always washing ashore, so we need your help.  It's heaps of fun!


Please contact the Maui Huliau Foundation for help holding your next green event!

Ace Hardware

Our Ka'ehu Cleanups are sponsored by Ace Hardware (Kihei & Kahului),

Home Depot and

CDF Engineering.  

Mahalo nui loa!

SHARKastics Ka'ehu Beach Cleanup Flyer

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Mahalo nui loa to musicians like Jack Johnson, who promote ocean friendly actions & sustainable events!

Join our reef cleanups!  

Were always cleaning the coral reefs during our Maui Turtle Transects.  Our locations vary due to turtle emergencies and ocean conditions, so please contact us to join our Turtle Team.  

Here's the link to our online Maui Ocean Cleanup data entry form, if you're doing your own cleanup: CLICK HERE.  Mahalo for contributing to our study!

The Hawai'i Environmental Cleanup Coalition

Not on Maui and want to get involved?  Meet our collaborators and new statewide HECC endeavor!  Check out the calendar to see how many cleanups there are almost every day around Hawai'i.  It takes everyone to keep Hawai'i clean, so mahalo nui loa for your help!

Museum Fur Gestaltung Zurich Switzerland Out to Sea Exhibit
Museum fur Gestaltung marine debris conference and exhibit

SHARKastics are going on a European Tour (2012-2018+)!
Mahalo to Zurich's Museum Fur Gestaltung for graciously hosting us in July 2012 at their exhibit, where we shipped a 40-ft container of ~6.6 tons (pictured below) of the 31 total tons of Kaho'olawe marine debris we collected!  

**Maui Weekly article**  &  **Kanapou Cleanup videos**

The Museum has done a fantastic job with the educational display, and we're so excited that our marine debris toured Europe & Asia (>20 exhibit locations!) after it left Switzerland!  The Museum graciously invited us back to Switzerland in October 2015 for the follow-up conference about its many achievements.

reef cleanup pic ~C~King
Home Depot
Ka'ehu Cleanup Crew
CDF Engineers
Maui Huliau Green Events

Mahalo nui loa to everyone who has joined our cleanup activities!


We've collected a total of 360,811 pieces of marine debris  

(41,223 lbs) since

July 2012!

Jack Johnson at the International Marine Debris Conference