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Cheryl's toothbrush wave art


Creating art out of marine debris is very fun and rewarding!  There are so many super talented artists who are utilizing this free, endless suppy of materials of all colors, shapes and sizes!

Use your imagination and get started!

SHARKastics collage

Student art is the best!

These SHARKastics were collected at Kanapou, Kaho'olawe where there are thousands more we picked up...

No plastics were harmed in the making of this collage.  Every piece you see here is how we found them- no cuts were made.

Every piece has evidence of multiple bite marks of different sizes and patterns.  What’s biting/eating marine debris?  I named them after sharks, but many other animals seem to be munching plastic too: apex predator fish, sea turtles, seabirds, marine mammals, etc. 

keiki drawing