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Searching for SHARKastics on Palmyra Atoll (2012-2015 & 2019)
While doing a runway rehabilitation project with The Nature Conservancy, the SHARKastics Team also collected marine debris from all around the atoll (results coming soon).  Subsequent visits to Palmyra have yielded similar collection/research opportunities.  The debris types slightly differ from what we typically find in HI, which is very interesting.  There are plenty of sharks and SHARKastics!

Taking a bite out of marine debris!

There are so many ways to connect with us: cleanups, conferences, public presentations, debris analysis, brainstorming sessions, etc. 

Check out our extensive photographs of marine debris, land-based rubbish and impacted animals.  View our featured videos to see us in action!

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black tip reef shark cruising Palmyra Atoll coral reef

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Palmyra Atoll marine debris cleanup piles
pile of our SHARKastics during a sorting party